Hey ladies ! Welcome to our ‘Triac’ community of women fashion lovers. We at BlossomBad believe in affordable fashion inspired by the run way but also by everyday women who exude confidence in being bold in their style.

Blossombad is for the GLAM, BONA FIDE, DIVERSE and AUTHENTIC.

We are not just another fast fashion online store. Our aim is to create a digital community of 'Blossombadies' that will reflect the togetherness and empowerment of young women from all backgrounds and styles; for the women who are lovers of all things fashion! Blossombad aims for the customer to embark on an experience with us, relying on us to be the brand that caters to ones individual dress sense and personality with our statement items.

 We aim to inspire confidence in being who you are with our statement pieces and not conforming. Truly Blossoming whilst being bad ! Blossombad caters to a variety of body types and aim to be advocates for all woman regardless of shape and size, background or ethnicity. We at Blossombad will encourage body confidence in all woman but advocates of encouraging our customer to stay true to who she is!





Alive & Culturing